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RANKED AS NO.1 IN THE WORLD 2014- 2015-2016

“International Olive Oil Council” and “World’s best olive oils Organization” have ranked Mueloliva’s Venta De Baron as the No.1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil consecutively for the last THREE years.

There are a large number of brands of olive oils available in the Pakistani market but many of them are locally packed after oil is imported in bulk. There are others who just bottle it in Spain and the oil they pack is produced by some other factory instead of themselves. Mueloliva Olive Oil is produced by Mueloliva itself and packed and sealed in their own factory. The purpose of bringing Mueloliva in Pakistan was to offer a product that is original and genuine in every respect. The important features from the client’s perspective are :-

  1. Produced, packed and imported from Spain in the most modern Olive Oil factory. Olives used are of Spanish origin only. The olive oil thus produced is of highest quality with no chemicals whatsoever and untouched by human hand until it is packed and sealed.
  2. Ranked as No.1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the whole world by “World’s best Olive Oil Organization”. The ranking was calculated by compiling the results of 14 international competitions in 26 countries around the world. Mueloliva is the winner of Extra Virgin Olive Oils competition for the last three consecutive years including 2015-2016. . World’s Best Olive Oil is an Organization that conducts an olive oil competition every year in April in the city of New York, U.S.A. All major manufacturers participate in this competition every year. The participants have to be manufacturers themselves. At least 800 brands compete every year and only the first 50 are announced. Mueloliva is currently holding the 1St position as well as 12th position.

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World's Best Olive Oils

  1. We are adding more variety and new sizes regularly. We now have Extra Virgin, Extra Light and Olive Pomace oil available in glass bottles of 1 Liter, 750 ml, 500 ml and 250 ml which is in addition to the pet bottles and tins.
  2. Picuda extra virgin olive oil has also been added in the list. The quality of Mueloliva Picuda is rooted in Priego de Córdoba in the very heart of Andalusia and the fertile lands of the Subbética in Córdoba, whose privileged microclimate is the origin of the world´s most prestigious olive oil. The Picudo olive trees carry the identity of the land where they grow. They are dark, with a dense foliage and the olives are very difficult to collect due to their resistance to being picked. However, they produce a very generous crop. Taste: Green-ripe fruity medium intensity, with notes of grass, leaf and fruit such as apples or bananas. The palate entry is sweet with a moderate bitter and slightly spicy. Thanks to the use of Picuda olives, prized for its organoleptic properties. This monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is more aromatic compared to coupage oils. It is the ideal condiment for any kind of salad (green, tomato-mozzarella, pasta) and the master touch on grilled vegetables (asparagus, aubergines, corgettes), pasta and fish and is suitable for any of the delicious and healthy dishes of the whole world.
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Our Products


100% Picuda Variety: The Authentic Flavour


Produced from two varieties of olives, Picual and Hojiblanca.


Ultra-refined Olive Oil for any kind of cooking where a neutral-tasting oil is needed.


Superior category pomance olive oil from refined pomance olive & extra virgin olive oil.


100% pure olive oil with a delicious yet mild taste that enhances the flavor of foods without being overpowering.

Why You Should Use Mueloliva Olive Oil

Competitive Advantages of Mueloliva to other Brands

  • Produced, Packed and Exported from Spain in 100 % original form.
  • Mueloliva y Minerva is a producer of Olive Oils, unlike many others who are just the bottlers in Spain or some who import in bulk and packed locally in Pakistan.
  • Produced from superior qualities of Spanish olives (HOJI BLANKA & PICUDA) .
  • No chemicals used whatsoever.
  • Low free acidity level in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Extra Light Olive Oil Brands i.e. less than 0.4% in Classica and 0.2% in Picuda. Free acidity is a natural defect and maximum allowable limit is 0.8% ( IOOC). Lower the acidity level, better the quality of Olive Oils.
  • State of the art Olive Oil manufacturing facility is located in the middle of the Olive fruit orchards. Thus reducing time to minimum after harvest. Olive crushing, production and packing is done in one go thus preserving all the good nutrients ( anti oxidants and anti inflammatory agents) which are the main components of Olive oils that are highly beneficial for heart and the rest of the body. Remember, olive oil is sensitive to light and reacts easily with oxygen. This causes the anti oxidants levels to go down specially if kept exposed and this reaction accelerates if exposed to light  at the same time, thus the quality deteriorates and all benefits are lost quickly. That’s the reason why olive oil is generally packed in green bottles. It is therefore most important that the oil extracted is immediately packed and sealed.
  • Received the “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the whole world” award by International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) for 2013-14, 2014-2015, 2015-2016 in International Olive Oil Competition held every year in New York ( International Olive Oil Competition)
  • More than 60 international quality awards
  • Halal certification from ( Halal Council of Europe)
  • Considering the quality, the prices are kept reasonable.

Available Category and Sizes

              Product Suggested Use Packing

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml 12 x 250 ml GB
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml 12 x 500 ml GB
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml 12 x 750 ml GB
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1Liter 12 x 1 Liter GB
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 Liter 3 x 3 Liter Pet
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liter 3 x 5 Liter Pet
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liter 4 x 5 Liter Tin

Picuda Extra Virgin 250 ml 12 x 250 ml GB
Picuda Extra Virgin 500 ml 12 x 500 ml GB
Picuda Extra Virgin 5 Liter 3 x 5 Liter TIN

Extra Light Olive Oil 250 ml 12 x 250 ml GB
Extra Light Olive Oil 500 ml 12 x 500 ml GB
Extra Light Olive Oil 750 ml 12 x 750 ml GB
Extra Light Olive Oil 1 Liter 12 x 1 Liter GB
Extra Light Olive Oil 500 ml 12 x 500 ml Pet
Extra Light Olive Oil 1 Liter 15 x 1 Liter Pet
Extra Light Olive Oil 3 Liter 3 x 3 Liter Pet
Extra Light Olive Oil 5 Liter 3 x 5 Liter Pet

100 % Pure Olive Oil 250 ml 12 X 250 ml Pet
101 % Pure Olive Oil 250 ml 12 X 250 ml GB
100 % Pure  Tin 20 X 110 ml Tin

Olive Pomace Olive Oil 250 ml 12 X 250 ml Pet
Olive Pomace Olive Oil 250 ml 12 X 250 ml GB
Olive Pomace Olive Oil 500 ml 12 x 500 ml GB
Olive Pomace Olive Oil 750 ml 12 x 750 ml GB
Olive Pomace Olive Oil 1 Liter 12 x 1 Liter GB
Olive Pomace Olive Oil 4 Liter 4 x 4 Liter Tin

Some major existing clients

Islamabad & Rawalpindi

  • All Canteen Store Department (CSD) outlets in Islamabad & Rawalpindi
  • Tehzeeb Bakers (Isb & Rwp)
  • Madina Cash & Carry (All Branches in Isb & Rwp)
  • Punjab Cash & Carry (All Branches in Isb & Rwp)
  • Save Mart (All Branches in Isb & Rwp)
  • D-Watson Chemist & Grocers (Isb & Rwp)
  • Shaheen Chemist & Grocers (Isb & Rwp)
  • Stop & Shop (Bheria Town)
  • Atrio Restaurant
  • Best price F-6
  • Essa Jee F-6
  • GN Grocers F-6
  • World Mart G-5

Wah Cantt ,Kamra & Attock

  • Gillani Mart ( GT Road, Taxila )
  • Asian Mall ( Wah Garden)
  • Moon Shopping Mall (New City Wah)
  • Asian Mall (Kamra)
  • Masha Allah Cash & Carry (Kamra)
  • PAF Commisery Shop (Kamra)
  • Sheikh Riaz Super Store (Attock)
  • Zam Zam Cash & Carry (Attock)

Haripur & Abbottabad

  • Italian Mall (Haripur)
  • Italian Shopping Mall (Abbottabad)
  • Kefayat Cash & Carry (Abbottabad)
  • Hazara Cash & Carry (Havelian)


  • All Canteen Store Department (CSD) outlets in Lahore
  • Rahim Stores (All Branches in Lahore)
  • Decent store
  • Avari Hotel Lahore
  • Euro Stores
  • Potpuri
  • Dar Ul Salam
  • Essa Jee
  • Rahat
  • Bismillah Store Defence
  • Best Buy Store
  • Euro Mart


  • All Canteen Store Department (CSD) outlets in Karachi.
  • Chase Up Chain all branches.
  • Agha’s Super Market
  • Saeed Super Store
  • Bin Hashim Store all branches.
  • Hydri Super Market
  • Haji Super Market
  • Limestone Pvt Ltd.(Alpha Cash & Carry)
  • Shaz Super Store
  • Zam Zam Store
  • S Zia Ul haq & sons


  • All Canteen Store Department (CSD) outlets in Peshawar.
  • Hyper In Store
  • City Super Store
  • Golden Arrow
  • Malik Super Store
  • Hyper Store